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Every Saturday after the first Friday* of the month, the LessWrong Netherlands meetup! Part relaxed socializing, part rationalist dojo. Have the most interesting conversations you'll have all week, occasionally interrupted by practicing and discussing the next big applied rationality technique. See you on Saturday! *Because there is another event on that Friday, and because the first Saturday of the month isn't always after the first Friday. Can we redo calendars?

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What we're about

We are aspiring rationalists coming together in the Netherlands. If you like to make your live more objectively awesome, and if you're inspired by the writings of and other places within the rationalist community, we expect our meetings to be great for you. Feel welcome in any case.

Activities include general socializing, practicing CFAR techniques, and anything else we feel like doing.

We do our best to plan a meetup every two weeks! We might switch between Utrecht and Amsterdam a few times.


What do we mean by 'rationality'? We often mean two things:

1) Epistemic rationality: believing, and updating on evidence, so as to systematically improve the correspondence between your map (your models and beliefs about the world) and the territory (the way the world really, actually is). The art of obtaining beliefs that correspond to reality as closely as possible. This correspondence is commonly termed "truth" or "accuracy", and we're happy to call it that.

2) Instrumental rationality: achieving your values. Not necessarily "your values" in the sense of being selfish values or unshared values: "your values" means anything you care about. The art of choosing actions that steer the future toward outcomes ranked higher in your preferences. We may sometimes refer to this as "winning".


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