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WARNING: This meetup no longer lives on meetup.com. We still have weekly meetups as of 2021-11. All meetups are posted on https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/overcomingbiasnyc , which you can join by saying you came from this Meetup page. Most meetups are also posted to https://www.lesswrong.com/groups/4ee8NedvMNvoSitzj, where you can check out some recent meetup descriptions.

We have meetups nearly every week on a variety of topics focused on trying to approach life and ideas rationally. Examples of past meetups include talks on ideas for better thinking about domains like money and risk, discussions of commitment devices for self-improvement, blind tasting a bunch of types of apples and cheese to find new favorites, and discussions on topical issues.

We're mostly a social and interesting topics group with attendees who found us a variety of ways, but you may particularly enjoy our meetups if you're a fan of Astral Codex Ten / ACT, Slate Star Codex / SSC, LessWrong, rationalism or Effective Altruism.

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