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Less Wrong is a community of people who want to have fun and achieve big things. We're passionate about using the latest science to do this, in particular knowledge of cognitive biases - peculiar ways in which our brains consistently lead us astray. We believe that fighting against the truth is almost always harmful, and Less Wrong is a place where all ideas - however controversial or mind-blowing - will get a fair hearing.

Less Wrong started off as an online community and has since emerged in local meetup groups around the world. A great introduction to the philosophy that most of us share can be found here (it's long, but to a particular sort of warped mind, hugely entertaining):


Less Wrong are trying to get to the truth on everything - from the distant future to the inside of our own heads.

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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Can you right now predict how the future of this group will proceed? Come to this week's event where we try to predict future meetups through the rationalist technique known as planning...

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