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The Teacher's Password
We meet, hang out and chat about rationality. It's held at the pub and is very casual. If you come early (6:30) there should be at least one of us here. What bad habits might school be teaching you? In Guessing the Teacher's Password (, Eliezer Yudkowsky describes one such bad habit, where questions can be "answered correctly" without any deeper understanding of what the answer means or implies. How much do we think we know about science, or other topics, that's really just remembering the teacher's password that day? How can this be contrasted with the idea of rationalist taboo, for instance describing how light works without using the word "wave"? We'll use this as a prompt, but discussion will naturally wander. Don't worry if you don't get time to read the sequence post ahead of time.

Fox and Fiddle on Wellesley

27 Wellesley St. East · Toronto, ON

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Less Wrong is a community of people who want to have fun and achieve big things. We're passionate about using the latest science to do this, in particular knowledge of cognitive biases - peculiar ways in which our brains consistently lead us astray. We believe that fighting against the truth is almost always harmful, and Less Wrong is a place where all ideas - however controversial or mind-blowing - will get a fair hearing.

Less Wrong started off as an online community and has since emerged in local meetup groups around the world. A great introduction to the philosophy that most of us share can be found here (it's long, but to a particular sort of warped mind, hugely entertaining):

Less Wrong are trying to get to the truth on everything - from the distant future to the inside of our own heads.

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