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Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is to the organisation what Scrum is to the team; an simple, powerful, large-scale product development framework designed to evolve into something that fits perfectly with any unique context. It has been created by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde and you can read more at the http://less.works site. This meetup is allow those interested in, certified in, or practicing LeSS to meet, learn, train and co-operate to make LeSS better and guide its adoption in our organisations. You are also encouraged to join the London Scrum User Group, where other related topics are discussed.

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We're Back! Lets Talk about LeSS & Organisation Change

We're back! After a hiatus whilst we were busy focussing on helping organisations reinvent and reinvigorate through the usage of LeSS and LeSS Huge we are so excited to be announcing our own reinvention and reinvigoration! We will be starting this journey with a talk from Ben Maynard. Ben is Certified LeSS trainer and also a student at one of Europe's top business schools, Henley Business School where has recently completed the first part of his MSc in coaching and behavioural change in the world's only Triple Accredited (AC, ICF and EMCC) Coaching Certification. Ben will be talking to us about why LeSS (and more generally agile) organisational transformations stall (or bubbles pop) and what we can do to turn the tables based upon his experiences of working in 10,000+ people organisations that are in some way trying to get to grips with LeSS to solve their problems. "The very thing that will cause the bubble to pop is also one of the most useful tools for success"

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Craig Larman - Evening Session - Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) - FREE

Macmillan Science and Education, The Macmillan Campus

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