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The Berlin Rationalist Community.

We have different kinds of meetups (see http://lesswrong.de (http://lesswrong.de/)):

Rationality Meetups

These are irregular social meetups that feature a relaxed atmosphere and soup and are great for longer conversations and discussion in small groups.

Sequences Reading Group

In the biweekly reading group we focus on extracting insights from the LessWrong sequences and applying them to improve our rationality.

Effective Altruism Meetups

The biweekly meetups of our local effective altruists at the VEBU offices often host lightning talks and serve as an entry point for EA-related projects.

European Community Weekend

Berlin hosts the yearly three-day gathering of the European rationality community. The weekend is an extremely fun blend of conference, networking event and family gathering.

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LW Meetup: The Skill of Problem-Solving (AKA "Debugging")

Is Sunday afternoon a good time for these meetups? I don't know! Fill out this 1min form to indicate which times/days are good for you, to influence future meetups: https://forms.gle/AozceQfCwe8QjVb27 Sometimes, we want to just be listened to. Sometimes, we want to actually solve our problems. This meetup deals with the skill of helping others do the latter (though you can apply it to yourself too). You will gain an overview of the different subskills involved in being a good problem-solving partner. You are encouraged to then focus on one subskill and practice it with a partner. Ideally, you leave this meetup having not only learned about problem-solving, but having actually made progress on one or more of your own problems as well! Structure: 13:00 - 13:30 Arrival 13:30 - 15:00 Debugging intro & practice (roughly 50:50) 15:00 - 17:00 Social and/or more optional practice Preparation: Please spend at least 5 minutes (tip: set a timer) brainstorming problems that you're comfortable talking about in the practice part of the meetup. They need to be things you are comfortable discussing with another person. These prompts may be helpful to you: - Think back to your last day/week/month. What sources of frustration, anger, sadness, confusion, ... were there? - Say to yourself: "My life is going great!" and check if there is internal protest. Note what counterexamples come up.

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Open Dojo: The Skill of Noticing


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