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My name is Andrew. I am in my mid 50’s and started playing the guitar just over 3 years ago. Though I take weekly lesson and practice regularly I have to admit I still suck. However,, I really enjoy playing, learning and practicing which brings me to creating this group..I am so bored always practicing and jamming by myself that I am losing motivation to practice as much as I should.

My guitar teacher suggests that I find other guitar players at my level to practice and jam with and hopefully by creating this group I can accomplish this. I know all the basic chords, A, C, D, G, E and all the variations of these chords, struggling to master the F and Bm bar chords. I can make smooth and fast chord changes and not bad with my timing and guitar strumming patterns. I do know a few songs and though due to my age enjoy Neil Young and that era, however, very happy to learn any new songs and bands that you would enjoy learning.

I am laid back, easy going, enjoy having a laugh and would love to meet 2-4 people that would enjoy jamming on a regular weekly bases for 1-2 hours. So If you are looking to practice/Jam with someone, get a little better, have some fun and laughs while being motivated and improving your guitar abilities in a non judgemental small group , PLEASE contact me.

I live downtown Toronto in Lesslieville ( Queen E/ Greenwood) and will happily host a weekly jam/practice session on a weekly bases at my house. I would also be happy to travel to another location if that would be easier or more comfortable for you.

I hope to hear from you soon


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