What we're about

Are you of the opinion 1. America has a legal system but not a Justice system ?

2. Are you disgusted by Stanford rapist getting away with 3 months in prison while people are serving longer time for smoking weed ?

3. Are you disgusted by the racial discrimination in our Justice system and that black men are shot and killed for no reason or imprisoned disproportionately ?

4. Are you disgusted with all those men that call themselves public prosecutor's and talk about being tough on crime but who routinely over charge and force people to plead guilty to crimes they might not have committed just to improve their ratings ?

5. Are you of the opinion America's criminal justice system is completely broken ?

6. Have you or any of your friend's and family been affected by the corrupt Judges and total miscarriage of Justice ?

7. Do you think American Justice system is run by greedy attorney's and there is no Justice ?

Do you want to do something about it ?

Let us join hands and bring some Justice in America.

There are a lot of organizations but we need more People Power.