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Anyone who is interested in learning more about bitcoin, other crytocurrencies and the blockchain, with a view to clearly comprehending how this new technology can be of benefit to us all.

The group is now supported by Blockchain Beginners (https://blockchainbeginners.io/), a new blockchain educational and consultation group.

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Blockchain Technology and Crypto Assets - Networking

Rodney James, CEO of Blockchain Beginners USA, is visiting the UK this May. As part of his trip a special free meetup is being held in London, open to all who want to meet like-minded cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts in an open space where they can network and build mutually beneficial relationships. Rodney and other members of the team will be on hand to talk informally on any subjects related to the whole space.

Blockchain 101 and CryptoAssets 101 - Workshop

20 Jay Mews

A day of deep diving into Blockchain Technology, getting a real appreciation of its nature and taking the next step in applying this knowledge as a basis for becoming skilled at investing in the space. This will include - - What a blockchain is and how it works - Identifying CryptoAssets - What to look for in an ICO - Introduction to crypto trading - Extensive Q&A opportunities Full program on the website - https://blockchainbeginners.io/event/blockchain-101-and-cryptoassets-101-workshop/ This will require purchase of a ticket through Eventbrite at a cost of £360. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-technology-cryptoassets-101-tickets-60333073848 This investment will also cover - - Free attendance at the "Anarchizona..." Sunday 12th May event, value £69 - Free one month membership of on-going Whatsapp crypto-trading group - A free copy of the actual US Archizona conference video edit Also, do come along to the free Friday May 10th evening meetup to join in the pre-event networking to meet Rodney, other attendees and members of the team.

Anarchizona and the Domains of Freedom - Talk

20 Jay Mews

As part of Rodney James visit to the UK he will be giving a talk illuminating the broader context of Blockchain Beginners' philosophy, explaining how engaging with and supporting blockchain technology acts as a driver for the evolution of greater freedom. It will cover the following themes - - Personal Freedom - Emotional Freedom - Financial Freedom - Spiritual Freedom This draws on the recent Blockchain Beginners organised day long event "Anarchizona", held in Sedona, Arizona, USA, where a number of speakers came together to talk on these themes. https://anarchizona.com/ To get a feel for what this will be about watch the keynote speech from the event by Jeff Berwick, creator of "Anarchapulco" and leading cryptocurrency enthusiast - https://youtu.be/qt4vrQXP7tw This will require purchase of a ticket through Eventbrite at a cost of £69. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anarchizona-and-the-domains-of-freedom-tickets-60420788204

Letchworth Bitcoin

The Third Place

We will continue our theme of blockchain conversation and discussion, taking a look at some of the functional/ practical aspects of blockchain technology, along with a focus on a particular cryptocurrency as a specific example of how it operates. More details to follow...

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The Many Worlds of Blockchain

The Third Place

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