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Have you ever made that mistake of thinking “That could never happen to me” Have you ever watched a series of events and wondered, “What would I have done in that situation?” Have you ever said to yourself “If only I were more prepared?” Real situations happen to real people. Life has proven time and again that it does not discriminate injustices within our communities. Lethal Lady believes that every citizen is RESPONSIBLE for their own personal safety. Our mission at Lethal Lady is to empower individuals with the tools, skills, and resources needed to successfully protect themselves in today’s continuously changing world. Lethal Lady offers crime prevention workshops to professionals and those interested in educating themselves regarding violence prevention. Our purpose is to ensure our clients are equipped and empowered to take back their personal safety. Lethal Lady has made an impact in the communities across the globe and maintains strong professional relationships with community partners, colleges and universities, and a host of different businesses and organizations. Lethal Lady takes pride in empowering individuals and putting their safety back in their hands. It is our vision to establish a partnership which together we evoke change and community enhancement though safety and crime prevention workshops. Join us for our monthly safety meetings.

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Lethal Lady Monthly Meeting: Home Safety

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