What we're about

Hi! This meetup is about building a world that all our hearts can recognize as joyful, loving, and beautiful! To create such a place, we have to start with the end in mind. So our meetups are first and foremost about resonance aka excitement - what lights you up and creates peak moments of happiness in your life? We want to know! Our belief is if you can imagine it, it can be your continuous experience!

It is from there, we collaborate and build incredible action plans without limits! And I really mean it! I believe we can raise 25 million dollars in 6 months. I believe we can change the entire movie industry within just several years to higher ceilings of consciousness and beauty. I believe we can create solutions literally a thousand to a million times better than the status quo - in all sectors of society including healing, arts, and technology! Let's be children again and give immense value to being in that wonderous imagination state!

As we build the excitement with each other and take action to support that highest excitement, we start to naturally align with peak functional state - mind, body, and soul. Food, diet, lifestyle, and intuitive connection will all become stronger. Life won't be vague. It will be clear and your senses will be heightened as that sublime feeling of resonance leads you to larger than life timelines - full of miracles and wonder! As exciting as all of this sounds, the most important thing is that you will feel more like you and more at home.

The founders, David Chen and Tarah Long are there to provide guidance and accountability. We are no frills dedicated to radical bliss and love, so the effects can be shockingly fast!

Feel free to join us on our journey and discover powerful resonance!

The quality of people we are looking for are
open in mind and heart
emotionally mature
extremely clear and direct
no frills/solution focused
high functioning

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Conscious Entertainment

Coffee Commissary

Bliss at the Langham

The Langham, Huntington, Pasadena

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