What we're about

Let’s Create a Feature Film and Television Production Company Built upon the BI Triangle Business Model of the Rich Dad Company.

Let’s Create a Transparent Business Model Where Budgets and Everyone’s Pay Is out in The Open.

Let’s Openly Share this Business Model with Future Companies Wishing to Build a Company For Film and Television Production.

Let’s Make, Market, and Distribute Our First Feature Film Production this Year.


Leadership: President

All of the following positions require people with a high desire for fun and a high expectation of creating professional results.

Currently we are looking for people to fill the following positions:

Team (Advisory Board): CEO Advisor + Entertainment Lawyer Advisor + Business Lawyer Advisor + CFO Advisor + Tax Accountant Advisor + Media/web Advisor + Talent Advisor

Mission: To Create a Transparent Film & Television Production Company Based on a Deferred Payment Schedule with Infinite Growth Potential to Make, Market, and Distribute Feature Film and Television Series Productions that uplift and inspire.

Product: 1. Feature Films/Televisions Programs/Business Model

Legal: 2. Legal Advisors 3. Legal Team 4. Legal Entity & Contracts

Systems: 5. Streaming Distribution (iTunes/Netflix/Hulu/Amazon) 6. Amazon (Books & DVDs) 7. Theatrical Distribution 8 Network Television Distribution 9. Film Festivals Communications: 10. Website/blog 11. Youtube 12. Social Media 13. Mentorship Program 14. Production Office 15. Media Team 16. Good Will Ambassadors

Cash Flow (Deferred Payments): 17. Advisory Board 18. Writer/director 19. Line Producer 20. Cinematographer 21. Sound Engineer 22. Music Score 23. Editor 24. In Front of Camera Crew 25. Behind the Camera Crew

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