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If you're like me and either recently relocated to the area, or have found yourself in the adulthood "friendship slump", with most of your friends either engrossed in their own families or otherwise just unavailable for fun at the drop of a hat, then you need some new friends! This group is geared toward 30-40 something's who still have a pulse and want to get out and explore the area and do some fun things! To start off with, the group will be tailored around things I like to do, and as we grow, I'd love to add some activities you will suggest! Things I like: local craft beer, hiking, kayaking, camping, cook outs, local festivals, meeting up for coffee, a fun movie, art gallery etc. I don't want this to be the type of meetup that's too specific with one type of activity. Lets just do whatever we find fun! Yes, there will be alcohol.

My goal will be to cultivate a small to medium size group of regular members who come out a lot and participate so we can all get to know each other and create some real friendships. I will actively limit the group to a size I think is manageable, and will periodically remove members who are not active to create space for some new people to join. I'll try to keep approved members within the scope of 30-40 something adults who seem like they will mesh well with the group. Looking forward to meeting you!

We ask, for the security of our members, that your profile picture has a clear photo of you and it includes your real first name at a minimum without an alias. Also any report from a member of unacceptable messages is grounds for removal and will be blocked from the group.

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