What we're about

An On-Line Virtual Meeting space. The purpose of this group is to find paths to self acceptance for our own being-ness, explore our unconscious choices brought on perhaps by the circumstances we were born into or difficult situations & the choices we made in those circumstances. Understanding our emotions & their origins ( Emotional attachment styles or non attachment style), family & current relationship dynamics, love, the presence & the absence of, what we made that mean physiologically, emotionally, chemically in our past & in our present. Discovering our beliefs, attitudes, actions & non actions as they pertain to our lives & experiences.

A series of Online Meetings to follow, + some longer more frequent paid meetings where we can explore at a deeper level. Consider signing up as a member yourself & lookout for your invite!

We fundamentally desire to be seen for the essence of who we are. It is better to be related with as opposed to talked at or have a collection of agendas scripted at us so we end up feeling like its ‘Ground Hog Day ( The Movie ) Some people do not want to be seen or known and avoid visibility consciously or unconsciously. Some people are overwhelmed anxious & stressed & some people are underwhelmed. We can explore the levels of relatedness with our fellow human being from casual acquaintance - activity buddy - friend to relationship .. the key is being able to discern the difference between these levels so as to not be having false hopes or demands while hopefully navigating the path, knowing when to exit or move forward.

Who should Join?

Curious people who perhaps looking to make a fruitful shift in their lives or effect others through their own evolution.

What will we do when we meet?

Exploring our world, where it has come from where it might appear to be going. The origins of modern food & food as part of our well being, system analysis because the world & life functions around systems. We can explore many subjects however the underlying current for this group is a deeper meaningful consciousness in living for you & others.

This is a friendly & hopefully rewarding engagement between us all for the purpose of engaging who we are being in our experience of life. I believe understanding is important & there is always plentiful time for this endeavor & for the sake of maintaining forward motion I request we engage as much as is possible from our center and avoid being too heady.

Confidentiality is very important. We need to be able to develop a level of trust from everyone in the group. Many find it hard to trust so please reciprocate trustworthiness.

There are myriads of outcomes to the human experience.

I remember the story of a woman living & driven by a sense of being poisoned, not clean in some way which led to all kinds of cleansing programs and a lot of therapy to no resolve, as a last straw she went to the hospital where she was born and got a copy of her birth record only to discover she was given a blood transfusion at birth..... of the wrong blood type which threatened her tiny life! How profound was that! This was the key that she was looking for, the pieces fell into place and her bodies felt sense found its origin at last. Peace arrived for her, she was able to relax for the first time in over twenty years

The body knew, it was just that there was no context for the body memory without that information. This is true for many of us. We need to have things seen & acknowledged, spoken to, acknowledged & perhaps with that our own felt experience & inner narrative would benefit greatly!? Perhaps allowing our body-mind to feel what it already knows to be true.

I believe change happens from within when we are able to release certain perceptions & demands of ourselves and others perhaps, through a dawning new perspective of our own lives past, present & future.

We are chronicling extraordinary events. Naturally we will be processing this too. Take care of your selves and & the people around you.

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