Let's Explore Morningside Heights

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30 people went

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*** Update ***

The results are in... and in a landslide, it's Morningside Heights! The MH De Blasio'd all of the other candidates, more than doubling its nearest competitor. The results were:

Morningside Heights 15

Upper East Side 7

Chelsea 5

East Village / Alphabet City 4

Chinatown 2

So we'll give this neighborhood a decent going-over, covering such local landmarks as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Columbia Quad, Grant's Tomb, Morningside Park, and Riverside Church. For those who are interested, we'll grab a bite nearby afterward, perhaps by paying tribute to Seinfeld at Tom's Restaurant?

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As we prepare to elect the city's next mayor, let's bring some democracy to Let's Explore NY's Neighborhoods, as well. Please indicate which neighborhood you'd like to visit in the comments section. As in the mayoral election, you can only vote once. (This isn't Chicago, after all.) A week before the event, I'll tally up the votes and announce the winning neighborhood. So check back next Saturday, September 14, to find out where we're going. And the candidates are...

East Village / Alphabet City
Morningside Heights
Upper East Side