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Nothing to do? Nowhere to go? Quit complaining, take action.

I just moved to Fresno; everyone told me, you MUST check out the Tower District. I did, I even moved into the neighborhood. Conclusion, it's pretty lame. A few bars, a couple of decent restaurants, a coffee and a tea shop. It's not that it's that bad, but I moved from Las Vegas.

Rather than dwell in misery, I say, Let's Get Out Of Here.

The intent of this group is to organize a fun, adventurous group to frequently travel to various cities; San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and all the places in between.

So get up off your ass, sign up, and Lets Go!!! :)

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Yosemite Valley Hike and Waterfalls.


Let's go see the waterfall show. Park and hike in Yosemite Valley with the falls a roaring. Sierra Classic. The only set hike is the mist trail to top of Vernal falls. Short, steps, and very wet!!! Bring a poncho or raingear. Maybe a picnic, after. This is sight seeing trip. Might ride the shuttles. Early start is to get thru gate early before they close park. And find parking. Will do pitstop in Oakhurst. Sorry Bozo National Park. He will sacrifice for the good of the group!!! * $35 entrance fee. Bring your park pass, if you have one. * Starbucks at Riverpark by Uncle Harry's Bagels requested by a member for our meeting place. Near Macaroni grill. Not Starbucks by REI. You dont have to hike to come enjoy the valley. This a sight seeing day. WORLD CLASS WATERFALLS!!!!!


Main Street

We've been to Pismo's for Fathers Day, but never to Isleton, for the Isleton Summer Festival. They bring in crawdads all the way from Louisiana! Can't get enough of that Louisiana! **********LIVE CAJUN MUSIC. FOOD. BEER. SHOP. FREE******* One day trip full of fun! We will car pool to this one, leaving Fresno at 7:30 am. Stopping for breakfast along the way. Carpool meeting place will be the McDonald's parking lot at 99 and Herndon. As I always ask please, park away from the customer's parking. If you volunteer to drive to this one, your riders should share with the cost of gas. For the Madera members we can stop at the Pilot if you give a shout out, to caravan, or carpool. No Admission to this one. Yes, best of all there is no admission to this event!

Millerton Lake - North Shore Beach Play Day!

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Let's get an early start on our summer tans on the second day of summer! Millerton Lake NORTH shore (on the Madera side) offers a LOT more sandy beaches and warm water than the over crowded and often dirty Fresno side of the lake. I guarantee it will be well worth the few extra miles (30 minutes from Woodward park area). Entry fee is $10.00 PER CAR (not person). The lake will be as full as it will get all year by this weekend, it drops after the 4th of July. Bring lunch and or snacks, some to share if you can, we can always go into Friant and get a pizza or Subway sandwich to bring back. This became sort of a pot luck last year with many of our awesome members bringing extra food. I'll bring an Easy Up shade and a table or two. I'll have my boat but don't count on spending much time on it if we have a crowd It only holds 6. Swim suits, lawn chairs, Easy up tents or umbrella, beach towels, coolers and some sandals to get around off the beach are recommended. Boats, floats, beach toys and sun shades are always a good idea. ALL AGES WELCOME, bring the kids, dog w/leash OK and no limit on attendees or guests. We did this one week later last year and it was hot already, so the tent shades came in handy. Millerton Lake being a State Park does not allow alcohol consumption on the beach which is very loosely enforced. We can always put the booze in the boat which is allowed (go figure). I have never known anybody that had an issue with a beer or glass of wine unless they were already being a problem. It has never stopped me for a second, but keep it in mind and don't be too obvious. PLEASE no glass on the beach. Plastic cups and can coolers are a good idea both to avoid broken glass and for stealth. Turn left (North) at Shell gas station IN the town of Friant (Rd. 206) go across the river bridge below the dam. Follow signs for Millerton CAMPGROUNDS and Northfork. Take a right on 145 (toward Northfork and Millerton Lake) following campground signs all the way to the parking lot at the boat ramp. We will be on the beach just to the right of the boat ramp on the Madera side. The people on the beach at the left side of the event picture (above) is exactly where we will be. Dumna Island is the official name of the spot (see map). Here is a link to help get you there. (http://www.californiasgreatestlakes.com/millerton/millerton_lake_map.html)

Millerton Lake Potluck

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Group Lunch at the Millerton Lake Play Day event! Fee to enter the recreation area is $10 per car, $17 for a car and boat. I have decided to break out my camp kitchen with turkey fryer, small propane BBQ grill and Coleman stove while we are at the lake. I'm bringing a 10 lb. bag of french fries and 6 lbs. of Tilapia fillets to fry up. My mess box is very well equipped with cooking utensils, pans etc. I'll also brew up some fresh ground coffee in the morning. I will be there at 7:00 to get a good spot on the beach. If it's hot you may find coming early is better than staying all afternoon. Let's use this event page to organize food that you can bring to share if you want to join in the pot luck. Participation is optional for the Millerton Lake Play Day event participants. Feel free to bring your own sack lunch or snacks and deal with your food on your own. I suggest: burgers and buns, hot dogs, paper plates, maybe some slaw or potato salad for the fish fry. Low stress, minimal preparation items only please (don't bring large meats like tri-tips as they take way too long to cook). I don't plan on spending too much time cooking and grill space will be limited. I'll have the fryer hot before noon until maybe 2:00 but will need to let it cool before packing it up.

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