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What weโ€™re about

This is a group for women on their spiritual and healing journey who are interested in using Tapping aka EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

All skill levels are welcome. (no experience necessary, however it's helpful to know the tapping points.)

Hi! I am Julie, and I am a Certified EFT Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, and author who moved from Minnesota to Melbourne, FL, after receiving "Melbourne" in meditation. I am a self-proclaimed tapping GEEK. I experiment with it all the time, and I love teaching others how to use this empowering self-help tool that you literally have at your fingertips.

I've found EFT/Tapping to be a life-changing technique that helps:

  • reduce stress
  • process emotions
  • eliminate negative patterns and beliefs
  • reduce physical pain
  • shift your relationship with money
  • help be able to communicate, especially in difficult situations
  • let go of unresolved conflicts
  • be able to use your voice in a loving manner
  • reduce sugar cravings
  • shift out of procrastination
  • forgive self and others
  • make affirmations work
  • reduce sadness
  • and sooooo much more!

You'll find Workshops and Tapping Circles offered on various topics like money, procrastination, physical pain, worthiness, letting go, and many other topics.

In addition to a variety of topics, we will Tap online as well as in-person in various locations in, near, and around the Melbourne, Florida area.

You'll also find that when we come together to tap in a group, the perfect people will join us, and the loving support that we create in a community contributes to everyone's success. It's quite powerful.

Additionally, you're invited to an online Women's Tapping and Self-care Community where we focus on changing our mindsets through gratitude, self-care, tapping, intentions, and more. Specifically, in the Guides section, you'll find lots of videos about how EFT works, tapping on money, conflict, procrastination, and other topics of interest.

Btw, don't be discouraged if there aren't many RSVPs; there are lots of Tappers who aren't on Meetup or in this group who will be there, too!

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