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This is a group for those on their journey that are interested in using Tapping aka EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). All skill levels are welcome. (no experience necessary.) I am a Certified EFT Practitioner that moved from Minnesota to Melbourne, FL after receiving "Melbourne" in a meditation, and I love teaching others how to use this empowering self-help tool that you literally have at your fingertips. I've found EFT/Tapping to be a life-changing technique that helps:
- reduce stress
- process emotions
- eliminate negative patterns and beliefs
- reduce physical pain

You'll find Workshops and Tapping Circles offered on a variety of topics like money, procrastination, physical pain, worthiness and so much more. In addition to a variety of topics we will Tap in a variety of locations in, near, and around Melbourne, Florida area. You'll also find that when we come together to tap in a group, that the perfect people will join us and the loving support that we create in a community contributes to everyone's success. It's quite powerful.

Additionally, I have an online Tapping Community where I offer free tapping events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/JulieJackyT...;

Don't be discouraged if there aren't many RSVPs; there are lots of Tappers who aren't on Meetup who will be there, too!

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Women's EFT Tapping Circle - Online ($33)

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Women's EFT Tapping Circle at 8 PM EDT for 90 minutes led by Certified EFT Practitioner, Julie Jacky.

In this workshop I will guide you:

  • through an exercise to uncover what's causing your stress and emotional feelings
  • to tap and get RELIEF!
  • then I will take you through an exercise at the end that will take you to a new level of GRATITUDE

This event is $33 and you must register in advance.

Let's admit it out loud... These are effen challenging times we are in right now!!

Our emotions are running rampant and sometimes we don't know what to do with them -- so they come out sideways at others.

  • yelling at the kids (significant other or pets) when we're really upset about something else
  • hopping on Facebook and blasting opinionated comments and ranting frustrations on other people's posts

+Minimizing our feelings and saying "I am doing okay" even though they are in fear for their friends or struggling with what is going on.

Does any of that sound familiar? We all do it to one extent or another.

The problem is, it's not healthy or helpful. In fact, its damaging and hurtful.

There is a better way, but first...

Pause for a moment to check in with yourself. Ask yourself -- are you feeling any of these 👇👇emotions?

🤪 😞 😟 😕 😖 🥺 😡 🤬 😩 😭 🥵 😳 😰 😱 😓 🤔 😐 😶 😮 🙄 😲 😑 😬 😦 😴 😵 🥴 🤢

If yes and you're ready to deal with them in a healthy way and get some relief then please join me tonight at 8 pm EDT and I will help you.

You see, my answer is to let your emotions flow -- while in a safe space and tapping -- so you can let them out and get yourself some much-needed relief. (I will guide you!)

Seriously, it's time for self-care - which is so opposite of what we think we need to do in these moments. I am NOT talking margaritas and manicures. I am talking about relief from all the emotions that are taking over your body right now (the anger, sadness, frustration, fear) -- so after you get relief for yourself you are better positioned to help others should they need it. (You know that saying... Put your own oxygen mask on first.)

I will guide you during the 90-minute session. We will be using EFT/Tapping - to tap on specific points on your body.

When we use EFT/tapping it helps reduce cortisol -- which will help your body calm down -- which will allow you to think more clearly and respond better to what's going on around you.

This event is $33 and you must register in advance so click here now.
https://juliejacky.as.me/TappingCircle (Registration deadline is 3 pm the date of the event)

You'll be thanking yourself later for registering now!

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Women's EFT Tapping Circle - Online ($33)

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