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Do you want to go flying? Let's go flying is a meetup group specifically if you want to go flying around in a small plane! Yes, it's expensive, and that's the purpose of this meetup to split up the costs of the plane pro rata to make it much more affordable than going flying by yourself! I am also a flight instructor. Renting a plane is just like renting a car (depending on the plane typically anywhere from $100-$170 per hour), it's great and a lot of fun! Then, depending on how many people are in the plane, we can spit the cost of the time to make it cheaper for everyone!

To use an example - let's say that the plane cost is $100 per hour, and let's say that there are 4 people in the plane (including myself) - then everyone would be responsible for 25% of the flight cost, so $25 per hour, per person.

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J3 Cub Flying at KENW
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I am going to fly a J3 cub from Kenosha airport - there are only two seats in this plane, so I can only take one other person. We are probably going to be up for about 1.5-2 hours, so half the cost would be somewhere between $80-$120 depending on the exact flight time.

I don't have a date yet, but whomever calls me first we can figure out a date good for both of us.

Also, a J3 cub is a 1940's airplane that is normally flown with the doors open, so if you're skittish of flying this would not be a good plane for you, also it's going to be VERY VERY VERY cold in it with the doors open in winter - so you will have to dress very very warmly, there is no heat!

First person to CALL me at[masked] (if I'm not there leave a message) I will go flying with - joining this meetup does not guarantee you a flight spot, first person to call me I go flying with.

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Chicago Aviation Expo


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