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Like NYC Dharma Drink, the 8,000-member strong mindfulness "hangout for like minded people" Join our social community of kind hearts and find friends who share a spirit of living in the moment and compassion for all beings. Come get coffee, veg friendly dinners, mindful talks, potlucks, meditation programs, yoga classes, travel stories, book clubs, health conscious cooking, road trips, festivals, and more!

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Chelsea Piers, Eatily, South Stree Seaport
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engage in a sports activity like bowling, batting or tennis. Attend a comedy club, concert or food fest!

Trampoline Dodgeball League
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Bounce! Trampoline Sports

Up in Valley Cottage there's a new trampoline gym. They have dodgeball every monday at 7 or 8. How awesome is that? You need 8 people for a team. New teams form on either the 20th or the 27th. Their website is http://bounceonit.com... (http://bounceonit.com/) Would anyone else be interested?

Veg-Friendly Food or Drink at Miranda's Cafe
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Miranda's Cafe Restaurant

Let's get together and meet Buddhists and like-minded people! Meet other travelers, wisdom seekers, wanderers, peaceful souls, dreamers, yogi's, compassionate beings, and good-hearted folks! Date soon to be set -- if you have any suggestions, please reach out! Come for dinner or coffee. Veg-friendly options abound!

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Tabletop Tuesdays: Board & Card Games

Jim Dandy's of Rutherford

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