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Are you ready to have some simple, inexpensive fun? Let's meetup and throw some frisbee (Aerobie). The purpose of this group is to keep interested individuals physically active, socially engaged and enjoying the outdoors.

This group is for ADULTS of all ages that are looking to enjoy throwing frisbee (Aerobie) - from the novice to the seasoned thrower. Throwing frisbee (Aerobie) is easy to learn. The physical exertion is relatively modest. This isn't meant to be a "workout" per se. However, the purpose of this group is stay active, to awaken and benefit our muscles and joints and to keep our bodies moving. We will actually be using an AEROBIE, which is a sturdy, yet flexible disc that is easier to throw, softer to catch and offers illumination so we can enjoy throwing into the dusk hours of the evening, when it is a "bit" cooler.

We will engage in throwing the Aerobie back and forth to one another in groups of two or more, but it takes at least two people to make this happen! We will create throwing circles and/or small groups to best optimize throwing within the group.

The discs will be sanitized before and after use, with bare-hand contact (unless you want to wear gloves). Please wash your hands/sanitize before play. Please wear a mask upon initial contact at each meeting, but these events are meant to offer us all an opportunity to have fun, get some exercise and meet some new people - all while socially distancing and keeping ourselves SAFE in our current world.

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Let's Meetup For Frisbee (Aerobie)

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Let's Meetup For Frisbee (Aerobie)

2011 Paseo Verde Pkwy

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