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Your Exclusive First Look (https://vimeo.com/342279942)

Broadway in New York City -- the hub for America's top musicals and plays. Broadway in Los Angeles -- not existent...UNTIL NOW! This a group for people who love to experience new movements in theater; for people who want to be the first to say that they've seen the next big Broadway hit before anyone else. This group is for lovers of music, dance, and beautiful story telling; for lovers of off-the-wall, out of control comedy the likes of Broadway's The Book Of Mormon (I was in that show for three years) and Seth Rogan's Sausage Party combined. This group is for you!

Accidental Joy: A New Musical (www.AccidentalJoyMusical.com) tells the incredible story of Joy Perkins, a disgruntled 40-year old underachiever, who struggles to find purpose in the light of a spiritual guru.…and the accidental murders of four or five people. Whoops. Chock full of drag queens, aliens, and more, this late-bloomer’s unfortunate coming-of-age story teaches us all about inclusion, self-love, and the power of hope.

The creative team of Accidental Joy: A New Musical and the Montalbán Theater are super excited to invite you all to participate in our initiative to bring Broadway-bound musicals back to Hollywood. Deviating from the standard theater development process, Accidental Joy: A New Musical is giving you an exclusive first look at our workshop production on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 8PM.

Precious infants, beloved toddlers, lovers of Enlightened theater for the everyday man and woman, "You can't go half-ass on Fate. She needs both cheeks to sit on."

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