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What better way to avoid the mayhem than to get away from it all. (Please hit "Read More" to get more details of group expectations)

This group is to organize segment trips on the Appalachian Trail with the goal of eventually segmenting the entire trail. Segments will begin at the midpoint (Pine Grove Furnace State Park) proceeding North, until seasonal shift, at which point they will proceed southbound.

Trips will start with 3-day excursions while travel time to segments is short (PA, NY, CT, MD), but will transition to 5+ day outing when travel time to segments increases. For the longer segments, if some participants are only interested in a shorter duration, early departure (via midpoint vehicle staging) can be accommodated if feasible.

The cadence of outings will target ~5 days/month (2x 3-day segment or 1x 5+ day segment), spanning weekends as much as possible.

Experienced backpacking members expected. Each participant/group must be self-sufficient (pack all gear/supplies required). Virtual meetups to discuss segment plan details and gear prep will occur prior to segment trips. If there are inexperienced members who are interested in joining for a segment, they will be paired with an experienced hiker as a mentor (to ensure proper preparedness and situational awareness).

NOTE: During COVID-19 precaution time periods, size of groups for each outing will be limited. If there is sufficient demand, multiple parties per outing will be considered.

http://www.appalachiantrail.org/ for more information on the AT (note this is not an ATC sanctioned meetup).

Social Distancing Notes:
* The planned hike will not utilize any AT shelters, and everyone will be expected to pitch camp with reasonable buffers between tent locations.
* While active precautions are in effect, carpooling *will not* be encouraged. Rather, each party should be traveling independently.
* For car shuttling at trip begin/end, we will all expected to wear masks and drive with windows down (or cracked depending on weather).
* If you have any contact in your daily life with vulnerable parties (young children, elderly, etc), please opt-out while social distancing is in effect.
* Per the guidelines of the group, each individual/party is responsible for carrying all items required for their hike (and of course, 'leave no trace'), so sharing of items during the trip is strongly discouraged. Done correctly, a trip of this nature can be risk-neutral regarding transmission.
* Below is a link to an article discussing ethics of AT participation during the current crisis. While it primarily discusses through-hiking, the issues it raises are a good basis for mitigating risk for a segment hike. If you have any hesitations about your participation, please opt-out (there will be plenty of trail left later in the season!) https://www.outsideonline.com/2410658/thru-hiking-during-covid-19-pandemic
* Obviously, if you have any symptoms leading up to the trip, please use an abundance of caution and bow out in advance (asap, to allow for logistics adjustments as needed)* With sufficient attendance, vehicles will be staged near each camp location to allow for early departures in case needed.

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(Nearly) Escape from New York


Looks like this will be a foliage trip...

Converting to a 3 day trip to complete NY state (except for small loop back in from CT), to optimize parking/camp site selection. Friday-Sunday will avoid weekend AT parking issues.

Start Dennytown Road parking area:
Trail mile[masked]
Elevation 860
GPS[masked], [masked]
Google https://goo.gl/maps/8CaPsWHDrGXVFk3Q9

Night 1 - Camp RPH Shelter [masked])

Night 2 - Camp Telephone Pioneers Shelter (trail mile[masked])

Finish Hoyt Rd
Trail mile[masked]

Avg 12.5 Miles per day (10.7/16.8/10.0). More details to come.

Please message me if you want to join for only two of the three days, and I'll see what accommodations can be made.

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