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An informal, small, friendly group for anyone interested in discussing diet, nutrition, mindful eating, eating habits and weight management, and to come along and learn some really useful information and tips about the psychology of eating. It’s also an opportunity to give and receive moral support through sharing tips, ideas, information, stories, challenges and successes in relation to eating and weight management. Each session focuses on a particular relevant topic, with the flexibility to ‘go with the flow’.

I run my own business, 'Mindful Eating', and as well as offering one-to-one dietary advice and eating behaviour counselling, I've been giving popular talks for more than a decade. Using my extensive experience of helping clients and my in-depth knowledge of nutrition and the psychology of eating, I help to facilitate each session with a particular relevant topic, but it’s your session ultimately, with a bit of structure if needed to help you along.

This isn't a weight-loss focused group (I don't weigh people!); instead, the aim is to help and encourage people to understand and tackle their underlying eating habits and motivations to eat, which might be getting in the way of successful long-term weight management. In order to make positive change, having a regular opportunity to not only gain some knowledge but also do a bit of self-exploration can be a great help, and give you the ‘light bulb’ moment you might need.

The sessions offer you a chance to stop and think about what, why and how much you eat. The aim is to encourage you to stop worrying about what the weighing scales says (many people with a dieting background make weight loss their primary focus), and instead focus on your actual eating behaviour and the reasons behind it- the factors that can contribute to weight gain, problems losing weight and keeping the weight off long-term. It’s a great place to simply chat and share things. No obligation whatsoever to attend every session. Come and give it a go! Why not bring a friend?

If you live too far away to make it to Lightwater, then I also have a Facebook closed group called 'Let's Talk Eating'. It's open to anyone interested in the subject of healthy eating, eating habits, mindfulness, weight loss, dieting, the psychology of eating or general weight management, and who'd like to get some inspiration, learn some great tips and share with others their own updates, tips, ideas, victories and challenges about their eating and weight management goals, or simply ask for some advice or post questions so that we can learn from, support and motivate each other in an informal, friendly environment. Send me a request to join:-


My website: https://mindfuleating.org.uk/

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/emmarandallmindful... (https://www.facebook.com/emmarandallmindfuleating/)

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