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Greetings and welcome!

This group is for all things Palestine! To share our love for Palestinian culture. To share events that occur in the Front Range of Colorado that have something to do with Palestine and those offerings that are available through the internet -- whether they be Zoom, FaceBook Live, YouTube Live, or whatever.

If you know of an event that is not mentioned, please reach out so that we can share it with each other. 

This group is for those who care about justice in Palestine. 

You may be drawn to participate if: 

• you are curious and wish to know more about the political situation that exists in Palestine.
• you have no one else to talk to about what is happening in Palestine because most people in our society accept the dominant narrative or haven't taken it upon themselves to understand otherwise.
• you are passionate about justice in the world and you want to meet others who care as much as you do.
• you have noticed that sometimes talking about Palestine causes some discomfort and that the reaction sort of shuts down or diverts the conversation; you seek a space where it is safe to talk about whatever is on your mind.
• you have traveled to Palestine and had the most amazing experience ever and want to spend time with others who 'get it'.

We welcome you to gather and Talk Palestine.

We are a free speech zone, in other words, we do not censor each other - there is too much of that already in this milieu; we will endeavor to create a respectful discourse allowing a range of perspectives.

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Visit Palestine - March 2022!!

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Bethlehem Today: Two Short Films and discussion

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