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We're all about using the best methods in product management to create products and services that people prefer to use, and improve their lives.

We have a really open, collaborative culture and our product people love to have internal meetups and go out to conferences and talks around the country.

We thought, we have great offices and lots of enthusiastic people, why not start our own public meetup?

So Let’s Talk Product is here.

We’re going to be running more Let’s Talk Product events with guest speakers from across the profession, so keep an eye out on the Kainos twitter channel for news.

If you have any questions or are interested in speaking at a future event, get in touch via letstalkproduct@kainos.com.

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Let's Talk Product - A Product Consultant's Toolkit

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Let’s Talk Product
Our people are really experienced in using varied and fit-for-purpose methods in product management to create products and services that people prefer to use and improve their lives.

At this session we will aim to give product people at all stages of their career, from junior to senior, some coherent and tangible tips and tricks for your product manager’s toolkit. We will share our talks and at the session, meet and Q&A with a panel of product people from Kainos too. And as a follow up, watch out for our blog with helpful resources and links all under the theme of ‘A Product Consultant’s Toolkit’.

Can a hundred words be worth more than one picture? Joao Ferreira, Product Consultant

Meetings and workshops are a big part of everyone in the product space, however there are plenty of times where these are not as productive as they could be. You have an agenda and a set of goals defined, you have prepared your slides and nice diagrams.

But your nicely constructed plan doesn't go as expected. Participants are often not aligned on things that have been agreed previously and spend the first half of the meeting talking about it. Conversations can derail and go on tangents taking the second half and the cherry on top, the ones that disengage completely and start the so called "multi-tasking". Maybe that session is doomed, but what about the next one?

In this talk we will explore a technique to rein in these distractions and engage people so that they can focus their attention on the task at hand. Based on an Amazon technique and the written word. It’s a handy tool to have in your toolbox.

Don’t forget about your stakeholders - Ilona Konitz - Product Consultant, Kainos

How do you approach a new project, or joining a project that’s already underway? You start by identifying business context, learn about the product itself and the team’s development process. But what about your stakeholders? They come from different areas, have different points of view on what you’re all looking at, and have various roles and meanings for the project and product you deliver. Wherever they come from, if they have impact on the product or vice-versa, you need to manage your relationships with them.

In this session I will cover how to identify stakeholders, their roles and impact on products as well as talk about a couple of helpful techniques you can use, allowing you to manage stakeholders naturally, without Excels or charts.

How to deal with technical items when building your roadmap and ensure the non-functional aspects are prioritised - Andrew Blackburn, Product Lead, Kainos

As a Product Manager, you might have often found yourself in a situation where your stakeholders keep prioritising that next feature for the product. How as Product people can we approach this challenge of trying to explain the benefits of delivering technical items and ensuring we don’t build up a mountain of technical debt or worse, launch a product that can’t meet the demand and falls over.

This talk covers some of the approaches and techniques you can take as a Product person to ensure that the technical aspects get the same attention as those features.

If you have any questions or are interested in speaking at a future event, get in touch via [masked].

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Let's Talk Product - Telling Engaging Product Stories

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