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The Art of Dancing: Learn Argentine Tango. Pick up the skills of the most intimate, passionate & stylish dance from Edith & Kamong. The two of Hong Kong’s most popular, open-minded and innovative young Argentine Tango instructors. They give Tango lessons at Danzstage, Dance Trinity, Amico Studio, Culture Club & Artouch! http://www.letstango.com.hk

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Tango Party Milonga Thursday

Amico Studio

Dear Tango dancers & Non-Tango dancers

You're welcome to Our Tango Party thursday! You don't need to pay at all :)
email me [masked] or whatsapp me[masked], if you like to come

Photo album from Milonga Nuevo:
613, 612, 611, 610, 609...etc.

Friday Livo Tango Lesson

Weswick Commercial Building

Absolute beginners - Friday

This course introduces the fundamental elements of Argentine Tango and introduces basic technique that can help improve the quality of movement. We expect participants to be able to start dancing socially after following the course for one term. The course is designed to be followed from the beginning to the end.

**Anyone who wishes to revisit the fundamentals of tango are welcome to join.**

Tango embrace & Connection (Open & Close embraces technique)
Male & Female Walking technique
Walking to the music
El paso basico (the "basic step")
El ocho (figure of eight)
El giro (half & full turn)
La cruzada (crossing)
Parada (Stop for female & male)

Practica Friday! Beginners welcome

Weswick Commercial Building

Friday Amico Practica

A new Practica will be hosted at Amico Studio! Right after our regular tango lesson. This Friday Practica is open to everyone & fee is only $80 for students & beginners. We will also give a guide session for beginners from 9:30pm to 10pm, after that you're welcome to ask our tango instructors for help. You will have enough water to workout in the studio!

-$80 Beginners; $90 dancers
-Amico Studio

What is Practica?
Practica is good OPPORTUNITIES to practice your dance and exchange feedback with people you may not be familiar with. Part of the appeal of tango is the community we build, both in attracting new dancers and retaining experienced ones. If you're a new dancer, don't be afraid to ask a more experienced dancer for advice. If you're a more experienced dancer, dancing with a beginner could inspire them to delve deeper into the dance. We especially encourage you to dance with someone you haven't danced with during Practica. You do not need a partner, though you're welcome to come with a partner and practice with him or her.

Tango Saturday Lesson (Intermediate)


Intermediate Lesson

In this course we build on the substantial benefits gained in the Fundamentals of Argentine Tango, while focussing on connection and creativity. Each term we work intensively on a different aspect of Tango to gain a better understanding of the dance.
Although the classes can be attended on a drop-in basis, the course is designed to be followed from the beginning to the end in order to have a good chance of fully understanding the aspects we work on. Minimum 1 year of tango dancing experience required.

Milonga & Vals
Turn position 1-8
Enrosques technique
Musicality (Musical Pauses + Musical Phrases)
Pivoting technique
Loop Patterns from turn position 1-8

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