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Let's meet and get to know each other
We can meet and say hello. Once that is done, let's make some simple rules of engagement and expectations from this meet up.

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    What we're about

    WE as a society really have no idea ow suffocated people are in their emotions. Most people have nobody to express themselves entirely to. Everyone is holding back their vulnerabilities to maintain the social image of a confident and happy person.

    We have whatsapp and facetime and social media-and we also have stress, anxiety and depression.

    Depression is this generation's biggest and best kept secret! Let's let people talk without any fear. Let's create conversations. Let's start talking again. The best we can offer each other is a helpful ear and a kind heart. And together we can collectively battle our depression , lean on each others' shoulders and help each other overcome it.

    To begin with, this is a group only for women.

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