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Hosted by The Information Lab, Let's talk Data is a community for people with a passion for making sense of Data.

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Online - Thursday Trainings at Three

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Short and sweet free 2-hour Tableau and Alteryx trainings (1.5 hour training, and up to 30 mins at the end for questions!)

** Please do not RSVP on meetup.com - book your ticket on Eventbrite here **

Want to learn how to harness the power of your data, but are short on time? If you’re new to Tableau and Alteryx, or an experienced user, then our speedy 2-hour hands-on sessions are for you (1.5 hour training, and up to 30 mins at the end for questions!).

We are running introductory sessions every other week where we will help you get to grips with data in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server and Web Edit, and Alteryx Designer. These sessions will run concurrently, so come along to a different session each time to supercharge your data skills!

Our sessions are hands-on, so make sure you are ready-to-go by downloading a copy of the software for the session on your laptop (you can download trial versions of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Alteryx Designer. We will show you our Demo Tableau Server through the browser for our Server and Web Edit, and Explorer Licence trainings).

Session Overviews

  • Tableau Desktop Essentials (Beginner) - This session will show you an overview of Tableau Desktop’s capabilities – from how you can connect to data and easily create different charts, to tables and dashboards.
  • Tableau Tableau Table Calculations (Advanced) - Need a little more oomph to answer tougher analytical questions like ‘Percent of total within branches’ or ‘Year-to-date running sum of growth’? Then you need Table Calculations! This session will cover the basics of what table calculations are, their syntax, and ways that you can use them to do more with your data (such as year over year growth and window calculations).
  • Tableau Using Real World Data (Advanced) - From needing to connect to publicly available data for your job, to working on personal data-projects, there comes a time when we all need to wrangle data from the ‘wild’. This session uses a number of case studies to highlight common problems, and how to solve them, when connecting to, and analysing real-world data.
  • Alteryx Macros (Intermediate) - If you need to run the same analytical process over and over then this session is for you. We will show you how to build a Macro in Alteryx, and also what are some different ways you can insert Macros into your existing processes.

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** Please do not RSVP on meetup.com - book your ticket on Eventbrite here **

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