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With huge amounts of food wastage globally and so many needy; people have teamed up and found a solution. Many communities around the world have gotten together and setup shared fridges / shelves.

We have partnered up with http://www.CommunityFridge.org the mapping app that has more than 115 PINS in Dubai. We will be filling the fridges that the wonderful volunteers in Dubai with the Sharing Fridge Initiative (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uaefridges/) are running. (See Links to know more.)

Lets get together and fill some fridges!!!

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The Plan:

- ** Visit Hyper-mart / Super market. Stock up your cars with Water / Laban / Juice/ Fruits / Cookies / tin food / etc. (No raw meat, no hot meals, no leftovers)

- Come to meetup point in Dubai.

- Depending on total number of cars, divide into smaller groups.

- Get areas designated to teams.

- Go and fill the fridge

- Break for iftar (location to be decided)

- Go and fill the fridge again.

- Optional meetup for shuoor.

** Please get your shopping done before arriving at the meetup.

Any questions, please mention in the comments, I will answer best I can. : )