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With huge amounts of food wastage globally and so many needy; people have teamed up and found a solution. Many communities around the world have gotten together and setup shared fridges / shelves.

We have partnered up with the mapping app that has more than 115 PINS in Dubai. We will be filling the fridges that the wonderful volunteers in Dubai with the Sharing Fridge Initiative ( are running. (See Links to know more.)

Lets get together and fill some fridges!!!

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The Plan:

- ** Visit Hyper-mart / Super market. Stock up your cars with Water / Laban / Juice/ Fruits / Cookies / tin food / etc. (No raw meat, no hot meals, no leftovers)

- Come to meetup point in Dubai.

- Depending on total number of cars, divide into smaller groups.

- Get areas designated to teams.

- Go and fill the fridge

- Break for iftar (location to be decided)

- Go and fill the fridge again.

- Optional meetup for shuoor.

** Please get your shopping done before arriving at the meetup.

Any questions, please mention in the comments, I will answer best I can. : )