What we're about

Do you love piano and music with piano?! Let's get together and share some quality musical experiences.

This group is for piano enthusiasts and players of all skill levels, including dabblers, amateurs, and experts!

Singers & Instrumentalists are Welcome!

Absent advanced musicians, Dan Fogel, group leader, will give a free workshop, and is happy to accompany and singers or instrumentalists who have something beautiful to share, for free!

Suggested Activities:

• Solos: Performing for one another, offering feedback / tips, sharing our favorites, performing for an audience, planning a future concert

• Duets: Sight reading, discovering great repertoire, pairing up and preparing for an informal performance, Round-Robins, sharing our favorites, pairing up by level

• Improvisation: Solos, Duets, Trios, Round-robins, inviting vocalists and other musicians to participate, working off of a given style, sharing expertise, building off of an idea or theme

• Chamber Music: We can pair up for duos with vocalists and other instrumentalist, or form piano trios with various combinations of guest musicians.

• If we have a nice turn-out, we will divide up our meeting time / dates by skill levels, styles, and kind of musical activity. Each group can self-regulate what repertoire, level, and activity it would like to include in its group of active performers according to the criteria above.

There are several possible locations for us to meet, including local libraries, private homes, and retirement communities.

Thank you for joining. We are looking forward to making music together

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TODAY: 2 Live Streamed Concerts 3 & 7pm instead of meetup!

Zoom Online Meeting (details to follow)

8/1 Sat, Let's Play Piano at Sachem Library!!!

Sachem Public Library

5/2 Sat, Let's Play Piano at Sachem Library!!!

Sachem Public Library

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