Data Competitions: Hands On Machine Learning

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WeWork 1900 Market St

1900 Market Street · Philadelphia

How to find us

Visit and RSVP on our Eventbrite page for details.

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***Everyone needs to sign up for this event on the Eventbrite page:**

What will be three top takeaways from this event?

1. You'll learn about public, private and topic-based Data Science competitions. Few current and trending ones are introduced & reviewed briefly to the audience.

2. 10 minute Data Science Portfolio Presentations followed by 10 minute Q&A session.

3. You'll have time to find your way and finish a few Hands-on sessions on Kaggle Learn with us. Ask questions and we are there to answer.

4. If you are serious or interested to join a competition you will be matched with another attendee. This is done through live online voting we'll do during the session.


6:05 PM to 6:20 PM:

Presentation: "Team Submissions Reviews & State of Data Science Competitions Platforms"

We'll introduce you to some of our members and past event attendees work so far:

- Team PhillyTalentAlfa, Jigsaw Problem - link to the GitHub and SlideShare

We'll next switch to introducing a few new competitions and a short review of new Data Science Competitions platforms that you can join with another member/attendee from the registered list. In the end, there will be live online voting where connections will be made between people who are interested in the same competitions.

6:20 PM-6:40 PM

Data Science Portfolio Presentation

Followed by Q&A

6:40 PM - 7:30 PM

Please note this section of the event is not a training session and will not be led by anyone. Instead, we'll sit with every attendee for a few minutes each and go over their Technology Stack knowledge question. Our reference will be the Kaggle Learn center. We'll be there for your questions over the extension of the session to answer questions you might have. Some topics are Intro to SQL, Intro to Machine Learning and Machine Learning Explainability A complete list is provided to the RSVP list.

First Timers & Intermediate Levels:
You are encouraged to sign up on Kaggle before you come. During the 2nd part of the session, you will be working on a topic on Kaggle Learn or simply you can ask you questions. Everyone will get an opportunity to introduce what they are working on with the rest of the group. After the first section, invitations are sent out and introductions are made to the members who share the same competition interest. We'll provide guidance and ideas during the session for learning and practicing different Technology Stack topics (AWS, Winning on Kaggle competitions, etc.).

This is a team-based experience. So, teamwork and communication skills are very important. We support professional and stimulating environment for everyone who is joining us.


Is this event just Virtual (Remote) or is it both Virtual and On-site?

Both, we'll use Zoom App and Youtube Channel link. Both links will be updated and sent to the final RSVP list.

What do I need for the event?

A laptop with the most updated browser (we recommend Chrome or FireFox).

How are you planning on assigning members to different teams for Remote attendees?

We'll send out a live voting link to connect the members to common projects right after the first presentation.

If you still have questions that are not answered you can email us at [masked].