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We're on hiatus due to the Corona virus. I hope all of our wonderful players will return once this passes.

Stay safe everyone,

This is a group for anyone interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons in Lexington, KY. Since we are limited to 50 members, please visit the group at least once per month or you could be removed to make room for a new person.

If you want to be added, please show up to a Monday or Thursday session and ask the DM to let you in the group.

Our mission at Lexington Dungeons & Dragons is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all of its players. In order to achieve this, both players and DMs must behave in a respectful manner to each other with clear and consistent rules that are enforced fairly. It is advised that all players follow the DM’s lead on rules while the game is in session, but the players are free to correct the DM if a ruling was made in error. Houserules, homebrew, and UA material are allowed at the discretion of the DM. Please keep in mind that all DM rulings are final.

Three Cardinal Rules

Why are you here? For the sake of in-character relationships, it is advised that your characters have some justifiable reason why you remain in the party. In order to accomplish this, players must work together outside of role-play to hash out their in-character relationships with each other so as to prevent actions that would be considered disruptive out-of-character.

Consent is paramount Given that our group’s mission is to provide an enjoyable and fun experience, both DMs and players must maintain a safe environment to play together. DMs and players should talk to each other about any things that could possibly be a real-life triggers. Both Players and DMs must avoid real-life toxic behaviors that would serve to be disruptive the game. PvP interactions, including stealing from fellow party members or deliberately killing their characters, is allowed provided that both parties, and the DM in certain situations, have okayed it beforehand.

The following behaviors are prohibited and will result in immediate dismemberment. You will also be kicked out of the group.

Bullying of any kind. 🔪

Any form of or reference to sexual violence in role play... Don’t even joke about it. I won’t deus machina in a level 70 dragon to kill your character... You will just be walked out of the building while everyone else looks at you like a creep.

Making light of mental/physical disabilities.

A player repeatedly interrupting and loudly talking over another player. (If you are a man please be mindful of the volume of your voice, as we often speak louder than we mean to at times.)

IRL racism is, of course, off the table. Fantasy racism (“those darn orcs,” etc) is permissible in small doses. But don’t come crying to us when the half-orc in your party challenges you to single combat.

Let other players play their character and don’t tell them what to do. Out of character strategy discussion is perfectly normal and natural in an adventuring party, but exerting pressure on a player out of character in an attempt to get them to take an in game action is unacceptable.

Be Respectful to our Hosts Our group plays D&D games at various game shops and other vendors. Please be kind and courteous to our hosts. This includes cleaning up after yourself, talking at a reasonable volume, and generally any reasonable requests that they give. If the players are playing at a gameshop, please either bring your own copy of the rulebooks or purchase one from the shop. Do not pull a copy off of the shelves.

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