What we're about

Hi All,

This meetup is for those who self identify as Muslim but feel that they don't necessarily fit in with traditional stereotypes and expectations of certain members of the wider Muslim community. It is also for anyone, Muslim or not, who would want to meet and hang around with us.

This is designed to be a judgment free zone where you can meet like minded people who may not adhere to the 'stricter' interpretations of what a 'good Muslim' should be like - this is not about your lifestyle choice so if you

- drink

- smoke

- take drugs

- don't eat halal

- are gay

- are open to inter-faith relationships

- are just into smooth 80's rock ballads or the early works of Britney Spears

it makes no difference to us. Even if you're not into any of the above but don't care that others are, then we would welcome you to join us.

This is also designed to be an international group and so we welcome those from all areas of the world be they Arab, South Asian, African, East Asian or European.

Being a liberal Muslim can be tough as you may no longer be able to identify with the community you grew up with since you have different values. At the same time you may struggle to integrate with new communities because you may still be viewed as 'Asian' "Arab" or "Muslim' and finding people that have the same understanding of different cultures may be difficult.

To make it clear, this group is NOT about 'us vs them' and we have no interest in engaging in a theological or moral debate about what Muslims should or should not be like, it's all about finding cool people to hang out with who have a fuller understanding of what it is like to have been brought up as a Muslim - judgement free zone please!

IMPORTANT NOTE - Members who are unable to respect the above ethos of the group will be given a polite reminder to do so, but we will unfortunately have to remove those that repeatedly make other members uncomfortable with their actions.

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