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Liberate Hollywood, the center where Spirituality & Creativity collide! We offer private sessions and classes in: hypnotherapy, reiki, pranic healing, meditation, coaching, psychic readings, music lessons, live performances, comedy, spiritual haircuts, soundbaths, yoga, qigong, improv, tai chi, astrology, the akashic records, NLP, past-life regression, thetahealing, psychic development, and body work!

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Laugh Therapy & Reiki Induced Meditation

Liberate Hollywood

Laugh Therapy & Reiki Induced Meditation with Kristin Saturdays | 1PM | $22 **RSVPING ON MEETUP DOES NOT SECURE YOUR SPOT FOR A CLASS. IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT, PAYMENT MUST BE MADE. PLEASE CALL[masked] TO MAKE A PAYMENT** Next to love being of the highest vibration, laughter holds a close second in vibrational resonance. There are many modalities on how we can elevate our consciousness. Finding the humor in life and the little things can help us capture the innocence of just being in the present moment. As it’s said, “laughter is the best medicine.” In this class, we help bust out your inner child to just let go and flow. We’ll run through some light breath work followed by some silly laughter inducing exercises and close out with a short reiki infused meditation to send you off feeling chill. ABOUT KRISTIN Laughter therapist and empowerment coach, Kristin Perdue is part empath advocate, part certified energy healer with a few improv and storytelling classes under her belt. She kind of also happens to have a knack for really bad puns. After kicking breast cancer’s butt in 2012, shortly after, followed a divorce, job loss, financial loss and heartbreak that sparked a much needed spiritual awakening to her true soul purpose- helping others heal through laughter to find their inner shine. Kristin’s passion and soul mission is to elevate individuals who have experienced trauma overcome their fears and live their best authentic lives. Her out of the box method is by re energizing you through meditation, energy healing and humor. Areas of expertise include: cancer, divorce, narcissist abuse, LGBTQ issues, empath/sensitives empowerment and utilizing laughter as a high vibrational tool for change.

Tantric Dating

Liberate Hollywood

TANTRIC DATING WITH CATHERINE AUMAN 1st Saturday of every month starting in August | COST: $25 Early Bird, $30 Day Of **RSVPING ON MEETUP DOES NOT SECURE YOUR SPOT FOR A CLASS. IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT, PAYMENT MUST BE MADE. PLEASE CALL[masked] TO MAKE A PAYMENT** REGISTER:[masked] Baffled by the dating process? In this workshop we will explore a new mindset called Tantric Dating which bring love and awareness to the dating process. When people hear the word "tantra," they usually think of sex. Tantra includes sex, but is really an ancient philosophy teaching that all is divine. Through learning to live in the divine present moment and meet others from this place, magic is possible in a way the conventional dating world could never imagine or predict. Subjects covered include: Why does love hurt so much? What is possible when we overcome conventional and family conditioning? And how can we experience dating without the rigid rules, rituals, and rigidity, so we can find our Perfect Love. ABOUT CATHERINE Catherine Auman LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is a spiritual psychotherapist and the Director of the Transpersonal Counseling Center in West LA. She has advanced training in traditional psychology as well as the wisdom traditions. Catherine lived for a year at the Osho ashram in India - a full-time immersion in tantra and meditation - and she has studied an practiced tantra, love, sex, intimacy, and seduction with numerous teachers.

Yin Yoga with Travis

Liberate Hollywood

YIN YOGA with TRAVIS SUNDAYS | 11 - 12:15PM | $22 DROP-IN | SPACE IS LIMITED! **RSVPING ON MEETUP DOES NOT SECURE YOUR SPOT FOR A CLASS. IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT, PAYMENT MUST BE MADE. PLEASE CALL[masked] TO MAKE A PAYMENT** As opposed to most yoga styles, which require students to use muscle effort (yang) to place the body into asanas (poses) against gravity, yin is a quieter practice that involves mostly passive and longer poses (1-5 minutes) to embrace gravity, and promotes a state of mindfulness and profound acceptance, internal awareness, and introspection. To be balanced in our lives, we want to embrace aspects of yang (active, superficial, light, hot, logic, transforming, solar) and yin (passive, deep, dark, cool, intuition, allowing, lunar) equally. Through placement of the body into functional poses over aesthetic for longer periods of time, while placing an appropriate amount of stress to myofascial tissue and joints, students experience more flexibility, acceptance of things are they are, and mindfulness in their bodies and lives. ABOUT TRAVIS Travis has recently followed the advice he would give his clients, by following his intuition and signs that pointed him to move to Los Angeles. For twenty years in Seattle, Travis, a long time attorney and public servant for the City of Seattle, has spent one part of his professional career in human resources, conducting workplace assessments, investigations, advising, and training employees, management, and executives on best practices for equal opportunity, inclusion, and how to achieve more equitable outcomes and develop a more culturally competent workforce. His other career started in 2007, when he first realized, during a reiki class, that he was clairvoyant, could channel information from source, and see, hear, and communicate with the subtle energy systems that surround the human body, and with spiritual beings (angels, guides, animals, and loved ones on the other side). Since then, he’s been guided to learn several healing modalities to complement his reiki practice, that have helped people across the world identify and release the source of a health issue, create more wellness, and live more vibrant, happier and more soul-aligned lives. With humor, compassion, love, and keen insight Travis has built a heart and soul centered healing practice, and has worked with clients all over the world, providing healing and intuitive sessions, teaching workshops, giving talks, and hosting the Divine Insight show, a radio show and podcast which he developed to help listeners lead more soul-centered lives, and to provide practical tools for daily living. In his award winning show, Travis provides transformational tools for daily living, and channeled information to help listeners and one-on-one clients quickly release energetic patterns that no longer serve, heal trauma, nourish the soul, and empower their lives. Clients have described Travis as a soul-whisperer, who with compassion, empathy, and love provides a safe space for people to heal. One client said that she received answers to questions she had her whole life and got more out of one session with Travis than over three years of therapy and finally felt whole. Another shared that his show is one of her favorites, and Travis is a wonderfully talented, soul-centered practitioner who is a wise and encouraging guide for her and was an integral part of her path.

Activation Breath Work: Weekly Reset

Liberate Hollywood

ACTIVATION BREATH WORK MEDITATION with SHANILA EVERY SUNDAY | 12 - 1 PM | $22 | PACKAGES AVAILABLE TICKET LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/activation-breath-work-weekly-reset-tickets-78260594545 **RSVPING ON MEETUP DOES NOT SECURE YOUR SPOT FOR A CLASS. IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SPOT, PAYMENT MUST BE MADE. PLEASE CALL[masked] TO MAKE A PAYMENT** Open up to powerful manifestations through an incredible 3-part breath that releases stagnant energies in the body. Shanila will guide you through an incredible breathwork session guided by music, drumming, and light aromatherapy. We’ll laugh, cry, and we’ll scream in this activating breathwork that is curated to recalibrate the entire physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. ABOUT SHANILA Shanila is a breathwork teacher, sound alchemist, and women’s researcher based in Los Angeles. She guides powerful breathwork and sound baths to help people tap into the best versions of themselves through her mobile wellness studio, AlwaysPlay. She helps people heal through anxiety, stress, depression, sleep and mood imbalances, and cultivate self-worth. To no one's surprise, she loves nature naps!

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