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The practice and learning of Liberating Structures. Liberating Structures are a set of facilitation techniques to include and unleash everyone in the conversation! More info at http://www.liberatingstructures.be

Nederlandse vertalingen van Liberating Structures op http://nederlands.liberatingstructures.be (http://nederlands.liberatingstructures.be/)

Upcoming events (2)

Meetup to practice less familiar / more advanced LS

SThree Brussels

The goal of this meetup to provide space & time to practice some Liberating Structures you are less familiar with. You can attend this meetup as guest to participate, and more specifically to experiment with a Liberating Structure on your own. In case we have a larger group, we will divide in smaller groups so we can have several structures facilitated simultaneously. Leave some comments to propose an LS you would like to facilitate yourself.

(Design & Practice Workshop (1 day) (paid event)

Factory Forty (www.factoryforty.be/en)

1-day design workshop. The prerequisite is having participated in an immersion workshop before (the one just being organised or a workshop once before) and being able to facilitate some Liberating Structures (with support). The goal of this design workshop is to design your own combination of Liberating Structures for a specific purpose, and to provide a space for the participants to practise facilitation of Liberating Structures. Buy your ticket (250 Euro without VAT, without fees): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/liberating-structures-immersion-workshop-brussels-june-2019-tickets-54146886796

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