Porn : The New Left's War on Free Speech

Libertarian Home Meetups
Libertarian Home Meetups
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This is an informal drinks event to discuss Libertarian theories, recent news and events in general, the state of libertarianism in the various parties and in the culture.

The event will be addressed by Jerry Barnett, a technologist, entrepreneur and veteran activist. As an operator of adult entertainment sites for many years, he watched the rise of the porn panic, and saw much of the political left collapse into conservatism.

The formal session runs from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

6 o'clock dining club.

The Sedan Room is available from 1800 for eating and there is an informal "dining club" at that time. Food should be ordered upstairs, but may be also ordered downstairs if you tell them where you are.

Ordering food is encouraged right up to 7 o'clock and after the Q&A too. Kitchen closes at 9pm. The pub menu has good traditional options ( for most tastes.

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