#LeanBeerPolitics Super Efficient Political Discussion (With Beer)

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What would drunken philosophising be like if every conversation was on topic and interesting? We're about to find out!

We'll divide into two or more groups and follow the "LeanCoffee" format (with a few anarchic tweaks) to drive out the most important conversations.

You can discuss your favourite author, a recent news event, an unresolved libertarian policy question, a lingering doubt, or a strategic insight - it doesn't matter - the only condition is that you first persuade enough people that it is important.

The ideas will be written up on post its, elevator pitched to the group and there will be a vote. You will then discuss the topics in order, highest votes first, for 8 minutes per topic. At the end of a topic a quick thumbs up / thumbs down poll is taken on the question of extending the time-box for the current topic, or moving on.

This semi-formal format will kick in from 1930. The process will continue (with beer breaks) until you get bored, get drunk, or run out of topics.

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