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This is a group for Melbourne tea lovers, to try new tea, compare varieties, and explore tea pairing.

Libertea at Prahran Market is looking to host weekly themed tea tasting, with an offer of 3 different teas and their tasting notes.

This is Libertea’s attempt to be an experienced based tea shop. We would like to share our love and enthusiasm for tea with Melbourne tea community. Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedbacks and suggestions for future meet ups.

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March Meetup: Introduction to Yi Xing Teapot

Libertea Melbourne


We are getting more and more questions about Yixing teapots: why there are different colour of clay? And why the different shapes and designs? Are the fully handmade teapots much better than the half handmade? How to do the "water test" (试水) before purchase? In our March meetup, we will attempt to answer all of your questions, and if we can't, we know who to ask:) We will be showcasing the 4 classic Yixing designs: Xi Shi Beauty (西施), Stone Scoop (石瓢), Well Wall (井栏), and Antique Imitation (仿古), and discuss the practicality of each design We will also be having a look of the other designs, such as Dragon Egg, Pear Shape, and Primula pots, depending on what is in stock at the time. We then will teach you what to look for when you are choosing a teapot. There a lot of myths out there, for example some says you should bang the lid onto the pot to see if it makes a metal sound to see if it's a real Yi Xing. Well don't! Coz if you break it, you have to buy it.... And we will be doing a comparative tea tasting of the same teas brewed in Gaiwan and Yixing Pot, and talk about how and why Yixing make teas taste better. Tasting Menu: 1. 2018 Shou Puerh in Gaiwan 2. 2018 Shou Puerh in Yi Xing 3. 2006 Raw Puerh Cake Red Rhythm in Gaiwan 4. 2006 Raw Puerh Cake Red Rhythm in Yi Xing You will also receive 5% off on the day for any teawares purchase. See you in the market! :)

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February Meetup: Award Winning Rock Oolongs!

Libertea Melbourne


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