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The end goal is to have weekly games hosted at different players' homes for us to enjoy. We want this group to be casual and friendly. Serious players are quite welcome, as long as they aren't going to flip tables or otherwise lose their mind when someone makes an instinctual call that doesn't "make sense." No one needs any Hellmuths running around. First time and inexperienced players are welcome as well. We want the games to be about having fun and building camaraderie more than hardcore poker.

Hold'em is the preferred game and tournament play is the preferred style, though these can be set at each session. Hosts will have the prerogative to set the game and style of play for their games, just let players know ahead of time if you want to deviate so they know what they are getting into. Let's have some fun. Shuffle up and deal!

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Friday Night Hold'em Tourney at Hopson Hollow

Hopson Hollow

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50¢/$1 NLHE at Hopson Hollow

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