What we're about

Libra Meetup Group in Israel.

We are organizing meetups and event to understand, discuss, and educate the Blockchain Community around Facebook's new Currency Initiative (Notice we are not calling it a CryptoCurrency... yet)

Libra poses a new stage for the Blockchain scene and the adoption of CryptoCurrencies as a whole.

People might like it or hate it, but one thing is sure: There is NO GOING BACK!

Facebook will expose the potential of blockchain technology and digital currencies to BILLIONS of people. If anything, this is the single largest promotion that crypto has ever seen. Not because Libra is exactly what we know as "Crypto", but precisely because the things that CAN'T define it as a CryptoCurrency as we know it.

We want to open the discussion and talk about the good, the bad, and the legal aspects of LIBRA.

Let's get the discussion going:

For chatting in English: https://t.me/libraIsrael

For Chatting in Hebrew: https://www.facebook.com/groups/898706490480159

We are open to Researchers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Legal Experts that want to particiapte / present in our meetups. Please contact any of the organizers to get you a spot at our events.

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