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Are you a writer? Are you a librarian? If you are either or both, you're welcome to join us and get supportive, constructive feedback on your writing, from fellow writers who have varying degrees of insight into the publishing industry either from the production or circulation side of things.

In other words: It can never hurt to have your book/screenplay/poem/essay looked at by a librarian!

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Writing critique meetup -- read instructions!

Pasadena Public Library

OK, we're trying a new direction for this writing group, and want to take it to a level of more critique and feedback on writing. I'll lay out the ground rules when we meet, but basically everyone needs to come to the meetup having read the material and having kind and *constructive* feedback about it. We have three hardcore members who are librarians, and will bring that experience to bear in their critiques, and one who is also a philosopher. So you can expect the critiques to be thoughtful and thoroughly analyzed! If you want your writing reviewed and critiqued, you must email NO MORE THAN 10 PAGES (because let's face it, librarians don't just read all day, we have busy lives) to annmariehurtado [at] gmail [dot] com BEFORE APRIL 1ST. Otherwise you can bring a copy of your pages to our meetup and we'll discuss them at the next one.

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Meetup at Pasadena Library

Pasadena Public Library

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