What we're about

We are a group of healthy living enthusiasts working together to create an environment where everyone can come to relax, rejuvenate, and strengthen themselves in all of the positive aspects of life; yoga, meditation, healthy food, music and sharing of diverse cultures.

Some of us have been on a path towards true happiness, we are eager to share this journey with you. Let's breathe and just be and make life an expression of happiness! Anybody and everybody interested to make life a celebration can join. :)


- Meditation/Yoga sessions

- Hiking

- Music/Kirtan/Chanting

- Vegetarian Potlucks

- and more!


All events will be,
- Alcohol + Recreational Drugs free
- No Smoking
- Vegetarian

"One must see life as an adventurous game and should play the game without worrying about the outcome, whether you win or lose. But if one is afraid of making mistakes or doing anything, one lacks the wealth of courage. Someone may not have any money, but if they possess courage, they reflect wealth. If one lacks the wealth of courage, there is no fun in life. "

- Sri Sri

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