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Have you ever been bullied?
This group is for everyone worldwide that has been bullied in the past and is ready to break free and start living a fulfilling life.

Research shows that bullying is having a bigger long-term impact on your life than we used to believe. The impact includes issues like
 Low self-esteem
 Increased risk of stress
 Increased risk of anxiety including social anxiety
 Increased risk of depression
 Setting others before yourself
 Scared of public speaking
 Shutting yourself down
 Sleep issues
 Eating disorder

Are you tired of dealing with the negative impact your history of being bullied is having on your life? Then this group is for you.

This group offers mainly free events for everyone ready to break free of the past and increase the quality of your life. No matter if you were bullied recently or many years ago.
We don’t dwell on the past. Instead, we concentrate our focus on rebuilding our lives through discussions and exercises.

Join the group and invest in your life :)

Organizer: Lotte W Vesterli is an author, speaker, and therapist. As a former bullying victim, I am passionate about supporting people to break free of the past. My book ‘Life After Bullying – Three Steps to Inner Peace’ shares my story and the roadmap to healing your past, including the tools I have found most useful in my work with clients.

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