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Three videos to be shown at Unity of Independence, 14304 E 39th Street Independence, MO. The 1-hour videos will start at 6:30 followed by open discussion. No charge or offering taken; it's free! June 14th: "Life After Life" based on Raymond Moody's famous book. July 12: Carol Bowman discusses the past life memories of very young children. August 9th: Dr. Michael Newton discusses the implications of his famous book "Journey of Souls". These videos are intended to be educational events for people who are curious about what happens when human consciousness leaves the physical body. Everyone is welcome.

This event has been organized by Gary Johnson, who is a member of Unity of Independence, but the ideas expressed in these films do not necessarily reflect the core teachings of Unity. The organizer is offering this event because he found the information personally meaningful, but there will be no attempt to persuade anyone regarding the content of the films. Just “take what you need and leave the rest”.

The discussion time after the video is not intended to be a traditional question and answer session. The discussion facilitators to not want to present themselves as “experts” who can answer any and all questions on these profoundly mysterious subjects. Our intention is simply to allow people to share whatever thoughts, questions, or reactions they may have after seeing the video. Hearing what other people have to say will add a dimension of richness to the evening.

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