What we're about

Life Beyond... wife, work, kids, loss. YOU have a gorgeous life waiting for you RIGHT NOW, beyond your roles and circumstances.

Feel great, excited every day and inspired to go for it!

Your life doesn't have to change but YOU can feel a whole lot better when you are connected to yourself, clear on your purpose and at ease with the timing.

Every month we meet to see how we can get more:

• enjoyment

• spontaneity,

• and fulfillment in an aspect of our lives.

Find the energy and motivation you've been looking for to have;

• satisfying relationships

• fulfilling work

• an exciting love life

• inspiring creative projects

while feeling content and connected to yourself, your loved ones and your community.

This group is for you if you;

• want more out of your life

• are ready for your second act

• are considering divorce or separation

• are wondering what happened to your dreams and goals

• feel dissatisfied with your own life while supporting everyone else's ideal life

• are asking,"Now what?" as your kids leave or your spouse leaves

• have a diagnosis that demands your attention

• achieved your goals and are unsatisfied

• lost your job or interest in your career

• lost your parent(s) and feel ungrounded in the world

• don't recognize yourself anymore

• don't know what you want or how to find out

• are asking, "Is this all there is to my life?"

Get ready to see your life from a whole new perspective, live it from a place of deep authenticity, and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

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