What we're about

Do you enjoy deep, honest and respectful discussions of fundamental human questions of life? If yes, then you will love this meet up!

Life Cafe is a platform where we gather and do things together. May it be sharing an inspiring book, or watching an interesting film, playing a provocative board game, hosting a workshop, or even going for a challenging hike, and so forth. These are all possible events that can happen in this meetup group. We want to build a community that lasts, and spending time together meaningfully.


History about this meetup:
This meetup started out as an experiment called "The Meaning of Life Discussion Meetup" back in 2015 November in Tokyo as a weekly event. People from all walks came to join the discussion, the topics being discussed were profound and inspirational. After 3 years of facilitation in different cities, I summed up all the insights I have gained and did my last share out on the "meaning of life" in 2019 January. What came out was that the endless conversations doesn't lead to a meaningful life. To create meaning, we need to first understand ourselves and then taking the right actions, Life Cafe is to provide us the platform to achieve that. We are always on look out for co-organizers who want to start meetups that is fun, but also soul nourishing.

There are 4 main guidelines in this meetup that remains:

• we do not promote any sort of religious beliefs
• we participate in an interactive discussion and is encouraged to share our life stories
• we support & listen to each other on equal status without prejudice
• we do not charge fees, everybody is free to come free to go anytime

Past events (21)

Picnic Topic: Finding peace in chaos

Kwun Tong Promenade

free discussion on both sides of HK’s situation

Kowloon Park - TST Exit A1

Last Meaning of Life meetup, and whats after :)

Kowloon Park - TST Exit A1

PLAYTIME: playing mind provoking card game (new game play)

Panash Bakery & Cafe

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