What we're about

Do you enjoy deep, honest and respectful discussions of fundamental human questions of life? If yes, then you will love this meet up!

We ask questions and discuss ideas to stimulate critical thinking. We enrich ourselves with the perspectives of others, not to convince others about our own perspectives.

Our meetups are about our own philosophies of life and not necessarily what the great philosophers and academics have said or written. It is not a debating club or a platform for proselytizing. Instead, we place the emphasis on questioning, open mindedness and challenging our own assumptions while listening to and considering the views shared by others.


In this group we will be discussing the big questions (e.g. who am I, why am I here and where will i go), matters in our everyday lives and particularly the meaning of life. We try to have bi-weekly meetups, so please check us out and we can't wait to have an interesting conversation.


这活动,2015年11月在东京第一次举办 ( http://www.meetup.com/meaningoflife/ ). 2016年9月在香港也开始了个群组( https://www.meetup.com/meaningoflife-hk/ )参与的人来自不同背景和年龄,都能够一起参与讨论,目前,我们讨论过的种议题,收获还是挺丰富的。现在我来到上海,也想把活动带到这里来,希望这可以成为一个平台一起学习,透过互相的交流更深的认识自己。

This group started in 2015 November in Tokyo as a weekly meetup ( http://www.meetup.com/meaningoflife/ ). In 2016 September the meetup expanded to Hong Kong ( https://www.meetup.com/meaningoflife-hk/ ).
People from all walks came to join the discussion, so far the topics we have discussed were profound and inspirational. Now, this meetup is expanding to Hong Kong, this is a platform where we can learn from each other and also to understand ourselves more deeply.

• 我们不推广任何宗教的活动
• 我们透过互动式讨论和问问题更深的认识自己和别人
• 我们彼此支持,聆听每一位参与者,除去任何偏见
• 我们全公益,不收费,任何人都是自由参与

there are 4 main directions in this meetup:
• we do not promote any sort of religious beliefs
• we ask questions in an interactive discussion in order knowing more about ourselves and others
• we support & listen to each other on equal status without prejudice
• we do not charge fees, and everybody is free to come free to go anytime

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