What we're about

Life Coaching Walk-About is a fun and adventurous way to improve the quality and experience of our lives through hiking and insightful conversations. We will use hiking trails as metaphors for the various obstacles and opportunities that we face in life, and discuss ways to apply those lessons thoughtfully and deliberately.

Our walk-about is based on the “Teamwork Compass®” a model developed by Shawn Clark - our host and coach - to help groups understand the commonalities and unique perspectives of Whole-Brain thinking, Jungian archetypes, the Native American medicine wheel, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and other powerful life tools. Our goal is to bring together the best of left and right brain thinking, Eastern and Western learning, deeper understanding and practical application, and individual and group perspective. Some basic handouts and visual aids are included, but most of the experience will come from the environment around us, the group with us, and our own inner wisdom.

Your focus can be on a problem you want to solve, an opportunity you want to pursue, a decision you need to make, a change you are considering, or simply enjoying the experience of learning and supporting others. You can openly share your topic with the group to get additional feedback and insight, or keep your goal to yourself and accept the support of the group in your own way. But remember, what happens in the circle stays in the circle.

All are welcome, but please only attend if a moderate to brisk walking pace is comfortable for you. We will head deep into these parks, so please be prepared, and be honest with yourself. Please leave alcohol, tobacco products, dogs and children at home. We want the focus to be on the group, and each person’s pursuit. While we hope you will make new friends and connections, please leave the business cards in your car. The walks are held rain or shine, after all “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain." -Vivian Greene.

What we are not
This is not group therapy, counseling, a support group or a singles mixer. This is for people who want to live life more, and are open to new ideas and new like minded friends, with occasional questions and guidance from your life coach.

If you would like to explore new life strategies within a simple model and a fun outdoor format please come join us!

Past events (6)

Saturday Life-Coaching Walk-About Simpsonwood in Johns Creek

Simpsonwood Trails

Monday Evening Walk-About at Murphey-Candler

Murphy Candler Park - Pook parking lot

Saturday Morning Walk-About at East Palisades

Whitewater Creek Parking Lot

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