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Experiences of our class;

This session had the almost fairy tale feel of stumbling on an unexpected hidden jewel. In this case an ultra civilised life drawing session in the middle of East London. The model, the organiser, fellow artists, and even the unpretentious venue, were all quite charming. Looking forward to visiting again.

Thanks Nils once again for providing a civilised and supportive environment for life drawing. Not to mention the splendid sandwiches! And thank you Maxine for being such a delightful inspiration to us all.

Joe Conway

Fantastic class, very relaxing and great place to meet with like minded people

Erlen Masson

Good session, excellent model and lovely atmosphere as always.


The model Cate was superb with a wonderful classical figure, excellent choice of poses and a very nice way of asking what people wanted - such as whether to wear her hair up or down. Her hair is in fact really long blonde and cascading which some of us found difficult to draw well so in the second half she wore it up. The music was interesting without being strident and most people arrived before the session began. the room was noticeably more full than last time. By contrast THE CAMEL was less crowded than last week so we sat round a table for a drink and natter. A very pleasant evening with interesting people.

Ernest Barton

Come along and Enjoy our fun friendly class, suitable for all levels.

Find self expression!

At the Life Drawing Salon, we aim to create a relaxed environment to liberate artistic growth, allowing unique styles to flourish in a stimulating atmosphere.

We time the poses with cool music! This is a unique and inspirational part of the class. Let the tempo lead you into complete relaxation. Wonderful during the longer poses with long lilting meditative tracks.

We provide drawing boards, black and white materials and some colour materials at no cost, the only extra is A2 cartridge paper at 20p per sheet.

The class is not tutored, but there are hand outs and books for reference. No comment will be made on your work unless you request it, allowing you to overcome self consciousness.

We put up works you are happy with on our website to enable you to gain perspective a great way to learn. This shows the classes wonderful diversity, which we love to encourage.

We share a FREE Light supper! with FREE tea, coffee and biscuits in the break, which makes this class AMAZING VALUE!

Afterwards we like to go to the Pub to socialise more.

Come down to the Life Drawing Salon meet likeminded people and Express yourself!


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