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That's it!! We've had enough! Meetup has been glitchy for over a decade and does not alert us when they change their policies and fees. This has made booking difficult for our audience and we've reached a boiling point.

You can now buy tickets at the link below:

September events will still be available to purchase here while we transition - but please head to our website to buy tickets at the lowest price we can offer - £16.50. No hidden fees, no extra add ons.


ELSC are a bunch of feisty, feminist, fiercely independent women, who also happen to be strippers. They aim to shatter stereotypes and challenge stigma, whilst improving their own working conditions. They are bored of working in badly run strip clubs, being financially exploited and having very little say in how the venues are actually operated. To counter this they have begun organising their own pop-up events, to create their own working conditions.

In 2013 they began taking matters into their own hands, and started the world's first life drawing classes the The White Horse, Hackney's first strip club to open it's doors to artists, illustrators, painters, sketchers, doodlers, and anyone interested in drawing from life... in a unique setting! The members of the collective are among some of the best striptease performers in London, and decided to offer a rare and uncommon glimpse into their world. Their life drawing classes have become their flagship event, breaking through stereotypes and bringing the age-honoured relationship between art and sex work bang-up-to-date...!

Sadly, the White Horse venue is no longer, so ELSC moved to a different strip venue; Crown & Shuttle is an old school East End boozer, where back in the day strippers would entertain the rowdy masses, alongside bands, comedians and other louche entertainment. 

ELSC are inviting a whole new audience of visual artists to come and draw these amazing performers as they do their thing. All levels are welcome, same for gender. Materials are provided for £2 (free materials for students who bring ID), the class is lead but not tutored. £15 per person per class. Limited spaces available.