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歌仔都有得唱:「你快樂過生活,我拼命去生存」,係香港生活既你,應該總有試過每日喪做,難得放假又約吾到 friend,留係屋企 hea,不知生活意義和樂趣何在既日子。

Life Enjoyer Meetup 提供一個平台給你認識新朋友,培養興趣,一起參與健康、新奇、刺激的活動或輕鬆舒適的互相交流聚會。

想生活定生存? 你有得揀 !!!


After the tiring work in the daytime, you really need to have an Enjoyable, refreshing life in the night-time and even during the weekend!

If you don't know where to start, No worries! Here comes the choice for you!

Our group (Life Enjoyer Meetup) is now offering a platform to let you meet new friends from different places through our diversified activities like sports, Wine tasting, cooking class, board game gathering, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and experience a new lifestyle with us :)

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